Ragi Modak with a sweet surprise inside

This is a very unique family recipe of Modak where the rice flour is replace Ragi flour and we have a sweet filling of coconut. Ragi gives it a healthy twist. Also you can replace Regular milk with coconut milk & ghee with coconut oil to make it vegan. INGREDIENTS Desiccated or fresh coconut grated…

My mother’s famous Chundo

Coming from a Gujarati family I have had Chundo since childhood. I remember every year in summer mummy used to make at least a bottle of it. When I moved to hostel she used to give me a bottle packed of this Chondo. We typically have it with Theplas, it tastes tooo good with it….

Hyderabadi style crunchy groundnuts and zingy Lemon Rice.

Simple and sunny, but a spoonful will have the complexity of flavours hit you one by one. The spicy bite of green chillies, the crunch of earthy groudnuts and the zingy lemon juice running through the golden-yellow grains of rice takes this dish to a whole other level.

Spicy & Tangy Punjabi Style Pumpkin Squash

Pumpkin is packed with Vitamin A & C, low carb high fibre after work out meal with immunity boosting capacity. It helps in glowing skin low cancer risk rich in amino acid , aids weight loss and keeps good eye sight. So try out this healthy recipe for sure. INGREDIENTS Pumpkin chopped – 2 cups…

Kopra Paak / Coconut barfi

My favourite sweet dish…quick to make ¬†yet yummy to eat…awesome fix for sweet cravings. INGREDIENTS Powdered Sugar – 1 cup Desicated coconut – 500 grams Condensed Milk – 1 cup Charoli – 1 tblspn Elaichi powder – 2 tsp Ghee – 2 tsp INSTRUCTIONS Heat ghee in a pan add the desicated coconut and mix…